The Food Runners 2.0

A year has passed since The Food Runners first launched and the movement is still going strong. To celebrate the commitment to lead a healthier lifestyle, we are embarking on a whole new challenge. For those just becoming familiar with our run club, the founding members began by training for their first 5k. This time around, we have a whole new crop of chefs (and others in the food industry) training for either their own first 5k or joining the originals as they go on to tackle a half marathon.

But first we had to prep The Food Runners in style for this new challenge. Literally. They were each presented with their own personalized prep table decked out with a fresh set of “chef’s whites,” Nike runners and more. After putting the new product to the test with a quick 3k run, it was immediately clear that both old and new Food Runners are set to embrace this next chapter with the same passion as when the run club first began. It will be an inspiring and motivating journey as they train under Coach Andrew’s guidance and we hope you’ll follow along the way, whether training for your own marathon or not.

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