Tasting Menu: TFR’s Christmas Gift Guide


Christmas might be just a couple days away, but as we all know there are many people out there that like to live life on the edge, shopping at the very last second to get something truly special for a loved one or two. When it comes to Food Runners, there’s plenty of ways to think outside of the gift box. Check out our top picks here:



Although not everyone likes to listen to music when running, headphones are a great gift for those who do. Trainer by Gibson is an over-the-ear option that’s endorsed by Usain Bolt himself. The JayBird BlueBuds X design is an in-ear alternative that is comfortable, stylish and practical as well.

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A person who’s just as conscious of cooking as he or she is of running will appreciate a good pot or pan. After all, it’s crucial to fuel the body right with hearty, healthy meals. Le Creuset’s Enamel Cast Iron is a classic.


Magazine Subscription

Information is a gift that keeps on giving and that’s exactly what a person will get with a magazine subscription. Chock full of advice and more, Runner’s World is a go-to source for such athletes.



Nothing really needs to be said of a quality blender such as the Vitamix. Post-run smoothies are something every Food Runner is familiar with and they wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for this magic machine.


Spotify account

A great complement to a set of headphones, a Spotify account could really help keep runners motivated when pounding the pavement (or trail or treadmill). Nike recently partnered up with the music streaming service to offer “Pace Stations” that help runners reach a new pace goal.


Water Bottle

Hydration is key even for non-runners. Although fuel belts and water tanks may be more practical for actual runs, a nice water bottle such as these ones from Swell ensure athletes stay hydrated throughout the day.


Salt and Pepper Shakers

Along the same lines as hydration is sodium levels. Cramping, among other things, can be significantly reduced is sodium is kept at an optimum level. Runners may not head out with a salt shaker in hand, but its a fun reminder that chefs will also put into good use.

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Gym Bag

What better way to gift any one of these items than in a beautiful gym bag. Of course, these gym bags in particular would be perfect gifts themselves. Great for carrying more than running outfits, they’re fashionable enough to be used throughout the day, perhaps even replacing a chef’s typical carrier.

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