Refueling with Eva Redpath

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It’s easy to get caught up talking about actual exercises when catching up with a fitness expert. But when we sat down over a delicious meal at IQ Foods recently with Canada’s only Nike Master Trainer, Eva Redpath, we decided to touch on her thoughts about food and nutrition. After all, we are The Food Runners.

Have you always been a healthy eater?
I have. I grew up in a household where all there was to choose from was healthy options. I’m used to eating three square meals a day. I’m used to healthy snacks. I’ve adopted that routine into my adult life.

I don’t have tempting things in my house. My fridge is relatively bare. It’s filled with the things I’m going to prepare and eat. And there really aren’t too many snacking options. When I want to treat myself, I’ll go out to have a baked good, ice cream or any kind of dessert, it’s part of a larger experience that I’ve created for myself and not something I choose to do because it’s around and available.

What is your typical day in terms of breakfast, lunch and dinner?
It’s actually not routine. I eat a lot of different things. I try to eat a lot in season. I love to frequent farmer’s markets if I can. It’s not routine because I’m not routine.

Some people don’t have a seven day week. I have about a three to four day routine that I feel like I can stick with. I certainly never skip a meal and if I can’t eat something, I’m going to choose to drink something in the form of a post-workout smoothie. For someone as busy as I am, I also have my go-to places in the city that I know are trustworthy and great sources of nutrient-dense food using organic ingredients. IQ Foods is a great example.

One of my favourite things to do is prepackage my snacks. For instance, if I buy raw nuts on Sunday when I do my groceries, I will pre-package snack size portions so they’re sitting in my cupboard and they’re good to go. I can put them in my bag and have them as a post-workout snack.

Post-workout food is really important. There’s a window of opportunity there and what you don’t want to do is get home after you’ve waited too long post-workout and then you consume everything in sight. If you have protein powder or bar in your bag, when you can’t get to a real meal at least you have something to tide you over until you can get to your next meal.


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What is your guilty pleasure?
I love sweets and baked goods. I have no problem treating myself. But I’m also going to do it at the highest quality. In my opinion, I might be able to tell you where to get the best croissant, the best cookie, the best ice cream in the city.

I also have what I call “new rules” when it comes to the holidays or any special occasion. Heading in, you might be faced with a lot of different challenges in terms of indulgence at the festivity, at the dinner, at the party. Consider that it might be a treat to yourself, but also don’t indulge in things that you often get to have. For example, if you’re over at a family member’s house and you’re sitting by the appetizers and there’s a gigantic display of mixed salted nuts, this is something you can have all the time. Save your treat for a special dessert — your grandmother’s famous pumpkin pie, your aunt’s butter tart, the turkey and stuffing.

What are your favorite cross training moves for runners?
I think runners need strong cores. The latest NTC workout on the Nike+ Training App Club App happens to feature a track superstar. Her name is Katarina Johnson-Thompson, an English heptathlete, which means she covers seven events in competition.. She has a workout that’s 16 minutes long. It’s called Runner’s Strength and Balance. You can expect mountain climbers, single leg reach with balance and alternating side plank.

It’s important for runners to do full body conditioning. They’re always going in a linear motion and in order to have a strong, injury-free runner you need to get cross training in on the days that you’re not running. But be very careful not to replace running if that’s your goal and you need to get the miles in. Also, don’t work out on a day that there’s supposed to be focused on recovery.


What advice do you have when it comes to winter workouts?
We have our summers here and they’re really beautiful. But there’s no reason you can’t equip yourself with gear to keep your workouts going when it gets colder outside. It comes down to preparation and being equipped for what you’re putting yourself up against, which in our case in Canada is the very cold winter elements.

One of the ways to actually push yourself outside of your comfort zone can be empowering yourself with the right community. I love what you have going on with The Food Runners. The Nike+ training community offers a couple different options. Right now we’re heading into the third week of the Get Out Here challenge, which is challenging our community to continue to show winter who’s boss by knowing and committing to the fact that training has no season.

If you’re dressed appropriately for the elements, i.e. you’re wearing hyperwarm products or you have a shoe that is appropriate for outdoor training, the Nike Free cross compete or, for the guys, Nike Zoom Trainer 3, then certainly you’ll be well set up to endure the challenge that is our cold Canadian winters.

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