Nike LunarEpic Flyknit


Inspired by the Magista soccer boot, Nike’s LunarEpic Flyknit are next level, to say the least.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had the pleasure of training with a pair ourselves, and we have to say, they’re definitely a game changer.

Made with Nike’s Flyknit technology, the shoes are both form-fitting and lightweight. The upper is near-seamless and snug, which makes you feel like you’re running on a cloud with nothing but socks on. We thought it might be a little too tight around our ankles, but it’s woven more loosely in areas where your foot and ankle need greater stretch and breathability, and it’s tighter in areas which require more strength and support. Nothing feels as though it’s grabbing or binding on your foot, which makes the shoe itself feel entirely comfortable and form-fitting. The upper stretches well past the ankle, giving the ankle bones their own circular stretch areas and allowing the shoe to feel like an extension of your natural leg.

The Lunarlon midsole features lasered cuts on the sides that collapse during each footstrike, which allows your strike to be a smooth transition from heel to toe. The outsole’s Lunarlon pods are located in pertinent areas, which target cushioning and absorb impact by dispering the feel evenly across your foot. These pods are laser cut to precise depths and widths in concentric circles around “hills” of the outsole. Each circle operates entirely by itself, after the smaller one inside it compresses upon each foot strike. The initial feel is highly cushioned and ‘bouncy’, which is exaggerated once you roll your weight onto different balance points. The soles provide excellent traction on road, dirt and even over snow and ice.

To call these new shoes epic is truly an understatement. Nike has proven (yet again) that utilizing new technologies and paying mind to finer details, not only push the boundaries of a traditional running shoe, but also serve to impact the future of running.


The retail for $175 and are available in sixteen colours for both men and women.

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