A different way to wear wearables

Wearable technology may have taken over the fitness realm as an easy way to keep track of workouts and progress, yet there is still a lot of room for improvement. Smartphones are bulky, smartwatches glitchy and smaller devices not as comprehensive. The EdgeGear SHIFT Band nevertheless hones in on another issue: the way wearables are actually worn.


Working with existing tech, the EdgeGear SHIFT Band is placed on the hand in such a way that glancing down for data has never been easier. Moving wearables from the wrist to the hand itself is a simple yet effective tweak. Freshness Mag reports, “Ultra-lightweight, completely adjustable, flexible for both right and left hand wear, and compatible with everything from the Apple Watch, the Pebble, and many Suunto and Garmin watches, the EdgeGear SHIFT will forever change how you think about wearing watches.”


Source: Freshness Mag

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